NettSite has developed an internet based remote document scanning application which is running successfully at several companies. It is used primarily to overcome challenges in managing proof of delivery documents (POD’s).

  • Documents are securely stored:  All scanned documents are safely stored on a central server as soon as they are scanned, eliminating misfiling and other errors.
  • Accounting System Integration:  The scanning and document indexing application is integrated with the ERP or accounting system in use at the client, providing a means to highlight unscanned POD’s.
  • Transport risk is eliminated:  Scanned documents are delivered electronically from remote depots and branches, so the possibility of them being lost in the post, or by couriers, is eliminated. One of our clients lost an entire batch of POD’s when a courier’s vehicle was hijacked, before implementing our system.
  • Barcoded invoices are automatically indexed:  The system can make use of a barcode printed on each invoice to identify the invoice and page number, which eliminates data entry errors.
  • Multiple copies can be scanned for each POD:  If required, the system can manage multiple copies of each POD, or additional documentation, for example customer’s Goods Received Notes, etc.
  • Batches of POD’s can be scanned together:  Several POD’s can be scanned in one operation, depending on the scanner’s capabilities, and on the available network bandwidth.
  • POD’s are easy to find:  Debtor’s clerks need only enter an invoice number to find a POD and instantly email or fax a copy to a customer.

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