NettSite is offering the MailPoet WordPress Plugin and WordPress as an affordable bundled, hosted bulk email solution. MailPoet capitalises on the synergies that exist between email marketing, social media marketing and websites by placing an effective bulk email solution within a WordPress website. The process is simple:

  • You create a post in a WordPress website
  • You create an email linked to the post (very easy, just drag and drop)
  • You send the email to a specific list of subscribers
  • They open and read the email, and click on a link to read the post on your website
  • You see how many and which subscribers have opened your email, or clicked on links in it, on your dashboard.
The NettMail offer includes a WordPress Website, which can very easily be used as your business’s primary website, or only as a base for your bulk email requirements.

Options and Prices

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