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A WordPress blog website is a great way to get your message out onto the internet. You may be starting a new small business, and need a website, or you may have a hobby that you want to get into the public’s eye, either just for fun, to find other like-minded people, or to build a market for your products. You may need to stay in touch with a group of people – parents and friends of your scout group, for example, or a parish community.

WordPress is probably the best blogging platform available. It has become a very powerful content management system, powering many of the biggest commercial websites in the world, but it really started out as a blogging tool.

WordPress Blog Websites
WordPress Blog Website for Small Business

Small Business Website

A small business often requires only a simple website, with a few pages explaining it’s products and services. A WordPress blog website is a perfect solution, providing a professional looking website for very little money!

WordPress Blog Websites for Hobbies & Hobbyists

The Keen Hobbyist

It is always great to share a hobby with other people, and a WordPress blog website is a great tool to build a community centred on a common interest or passion.

WordPress Blog Websites for Professional and Amateur Photographers


Both amateur and professional photographers will find using a WordPress blog website to display their work both easy and effective. There are many ways of creating beautiful portfolios in WordPress.

WordPress Blog Websites for Clubs, Churches & Groups

Sports Club or Scout Group

A WordPress blog website is ideal for scout groups, sports clubs and similar organisations to help recruit members, raise funds and keep members up to date with news, events and general information.

How does a WordPress Blog Website Work?

WordPress is a powerful, but easy to use, programme that enables you to create and maintain your own website. It can be a blog, but it doesn’t have to be – this whole website was created and is managed with WordPress.

Once you sign up, you will receive an email with a login name and password to give you access to your website’s Dashboard, which is an administration area with options to create and manage pages and much more. You will also have access to a series of training videos which explain exactly how everything works, as well as a comprehensive WordPress manual. Our support team are also available to answer any questions that you may have.

Plans and Pricing

30-day-money-backYou can select from the options below – and don’t worry if you need to change to a larger or smaller package later, you can upgrade or downgrade at any time. There is also no lengthy contract – you can cancel at any time by letting us know 10 days before your next billing cycle.

We also offer a 30 Days Money Back Guarantee – if you are not satisfied with your WordPress Blog Website and cancel within 30 days of placing your order, your payment will be refunded in full.


Pay for a year in advance, and get two months free!

Select “12 Month Pricing” while signing up, and only pay for ten months, get a full year.

What is a WordPress Theme?

WordPress makes use of themes to manage the appearance of the website – things like the page layout, colour schemes, fonts, and so on. Many themes also contain functionality which may not be available in WordPress itself, for example image galleries.

There are many free themes available for download, as well as premium, or paid, themes. Most designers give away limited versions of their themes, and charge for the fully functional versions.

What is the difference between a Free and a Premium theme?

Free WordPress themes are usually simple in design and typically follow the same structure as one of the default themes. If you just want to release content, then a free theme is probably suitable for your needs. However, with free themes, there are limited options and settings built-in to make modifications. Additionally, most free themes do not come with color schemes / styles to change the look of your site.

Premium WordPress themes are more advanced, and almost always come with options panels or theme settings pages which can be configured quite easily to alter the look of your site. Premium themes are generally more unique, stylish and of better quality. They also often contain more functionality than free themes, like slideshows and picture galleries, etc.