If you’re a website owner with little or no technical background, it can be such a pain to maintain a WordPress website. While it’s true that the software is very quick and easy to set up, given that most web hosts support it and offer one-click installs, things can get complicated later on. You’ll need to keep the core software and plugins up-to-date and secure from malicious attacks, ensure that your site is up all the time, optimize it for fast loading and SEO, troubleshoot if something breaks, etc. Your list of maintenance chores is quite long. If you’re an average site owner, you may not have the time, know-how, money or even interest to deal with these issues. This is where managed WordPress website hosting comes in handy. Leave the technical nitty-gritty to the experts so you can focus on your main tasks, like creating content, selling your goods, or marketing your site. It’s like hiring your own technical experts, except that NettSite takes care of this, too.

Managed WordPress Website Hosting Benefits

Managed WordPress Hosting

We will take responsibility for your WordPress website from start to finish:

  • Installing and configuring WordPress.
  • Securing your site from attacks.
  • Keeping your core WordPress installation and plugins up to date.
  • Guaranteeing your site’s uptime.
  • Ensuring your site loads fast using custom caching tools.
  • Installing premium (and safe) plugins and themes.
  • Automatically backing up or restoring your site.
  • Troubleshooting and answering your WordPress-related support questions.
  • One, no hang on – ZERO click install! We do it all for you.

 WordPress Website Hosting Options and Pricing

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