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Responsive Web Design is the epitome of integrated lifestyle marketing, as you can provide users with a customized experience while viewing the site either from home (desktop) or while theyʼre out (tablet or smartphone). For example, the smartphone interface could load a custom feature that detects a user’s location and offer directions to the nearest brick and mortar store based on a user’s GPS coordinates. In addition to making the site easier for users, it also can also make your life easier. It reduces content management time and development costs associated with building separate sites to accommodate different devices. It also makes SEO management easier because all display experiences share the same domain and links, greatly increasing the site’s authority with search engines.

Websites that mean business!

Are you a small business owner, freelancer or entrepreneur? Or aspiring to be one? Then you’ve probably given the issues of advertising and having a business website some thought. Maybe you’ve wondered whether word-of-mouth referral is enough. What about traditional media ads? A Facebook business page? With all the options available to you, do you really need a business website?

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Business Website Benefits for SME’s

Results from the annual SME Survey 2012 show that having a business website goes hand in hand with the success of the business.